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Top 5 Things to NOT say to female enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts can be all kinds of folks, they can come from any country, be old or young, male or female, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matter is the love for cars. That’s the beauty of being a car enthusiast, you hang out with everybody and they’re all the same; people who love cars. However, there are some stereotypes still used by some of the more ignorant of car enthusiasts, because there are some of those as well. Some of those stereotypes are about female enthusiasts.

Female car enthusiasts are often regarded as less knowledgeable and less capable or that they just pretend to like cars to get attention. This is pretty insulting to enthusiasts of the fairer sex, as there are countless female car enthusiasts who are equally as passionate and knowledgeable as the most passionate and knowledgeable male enthusiasts.


There are some common misconceptions of women in some of the more ignorant enthusiast circles. Many of their male counterparts will talk down to them. So let’s go through some of the worst things you can say to a female car enthusiast.


5. “You just care about the way it looks.”


One of the biggest misconceptions of female car enthusiasts is that they just like cars because they’re “pretty”. Women enthusiasts appreciate cars for the same reason as male, however, many male enthusiasts feel as if women just like the aesthetics of cars. This is an incredibly dumb thing to say.

4. “Did your boyfriend build that car for you?”


This one is especially insulting, as sometimes women are looked at as mechanically inept. Many male enthusiasts are convinced that women cannot work on/build cars, which is obviously a ridiculous notion. If you see a woman driving a car that’s obviously had a lot of work done to it, don’t automatically assume that it was done by her boyfriend or any other male figure.

3. “Did your boyfriend let you drive his car?”


Quite a lot of the time, if a female shows up to a car meet or car show in a fast car or worked car, it’s often assumed that she’s driving her boyfriend’s car. The stupidity of a statement like this is obvious. Just because a female is driving a fast car doesn’t mean that it isn’t hers. Women like fast cars too.

2. “Do you even race?”


This question is one of the worst. Firstly, it’s not as if women can’t race cars. Even with women like Danica Patrick having been racing professionally for years now, people still feel as if women can’t race. Ask a woman like Sabine Schmitz if she “even” races and see what happens. Secondly, this question is asked as if racing is the only determining factor of car enthusiasts. I’d say that at least 75 percent of people of all kinds who enjoy cars have never smelled hot tarmac. So if you want to ask a girl if she actually races, and are sincere, don’t make it seem as if the question is rhetorical and you already assume she doesn’t.

1. “Wow, I’m surprised you can drive a manual”


This is probably the biggest misconception of women in car enthusiast circles. It’s also probably the most ignorant. There’s no reason at all why a woman wouldn’t be able or wanting to drive a manual transmission. The ability to drive a manual transmission is determined by an individual’s willingness to learn. It also comes down to the car, as some aren’t available with manuals anymore. But it’s mostly just insulting to a woman’s intelligence that someone might feel like she can’t drive a manual. So don’t act surprised if you see it happening.

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