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Thief crashes stolen Frozen Red BMW M3

A 37-year-old suspect is in custody after a BMW M3 was stolen from BMW of San Francisco. According to police, the suspect broke into the store early this morning and stole a Frozen Red BMW M3. The suspect apparently managed to break into the dealership and using the key fob found in the lock box drove away with the new M3. Police says the suspect has attempted to steal a black BMW before leaving with the special red-painted M3.

Upon arrival at the dealership, officers found a large floor to ceiling window of the dealership smashed and discovered cars had been moved around. Police says the suspect exited the dealership by driving the car through the dealership’s front window.

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At 5:23am, police officers responded to an injury collision call which involved the recently stolen BMW M3.

The suspect fled the scene after crashing into a parked vehicle where an occupant was sleeping, according to police. The man in the car was not seriously injured.


To add more to the already extraordinary timeline of events, at around 6:30 a.m., a Southern Police officer responded to a domestic dispute between a male and female. After detaining the suspect, the officer identified the male as the suspect in the burglary investigation at the BMW dealership.


No information yet on the official charges.

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