BMW M2 vs Porsche Cayman GT4

The M2 is BMW’s latest offering from its storied M Division and could possibly overtake its iconic M3 as the enthusiasts favorite BMW. At least until the rumored M2 CSL arrives. Porsche has a similar car among its ranks, the Cayman GT4, which has won over the hearts of Porsche enthusiasts from the iconic 911. So both… »10/13/15 9:47pm10/13/15 9:47pm

What makes a Great Driving Road?

Whenever you read about new BMWs, specifically cars like the 3 Series, M4 and other sports variants, you always hear about how the cars handle twisty roads. All of journalists are guilty of it, as we go on and on about how the car “handles”. But the truth of the matter is that it’s seldom we come across roads that can… »10/10/15 7:03pm10/10/15 7:03pm

BMW M4 GTS: Is it worth the price?

The BMW M4 GTS has just been announced and it’s BMW M’s most hardcore vehicle. But it’s also one of BMW’s most expensive vehicles. At 142,000 Euros (roughly $160,000 US), only the BMW i8 is more expensive. The M4 GTS however, is also one of BMW’s fastest and most track-ready cars. With 493 hp, a 0-60 mph time of 3.7… »10/07/15 2:57pm10/07/15 2:57pm

Are All-Season Tires The Best For The Rain?

I love when Fall arrives as it is my favorite season! The air is crisp and not as hot, the days aren’t that short yet, and I don’t have any issues with my pollen allergies. And since Fall can bring some drastic changes in weather conditions, let’s discuss all-season tires. First off, what are the four seasons? We all… »10/05/15 7:45pm10/05/15 7:45pm

BMW M CEO talks about all-wheel drive, manuals, electric Ms and future models

BMW M’s new CEO, Frank Van Meel spent some time with us at the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show to talk about the future of the M brand. BMW’s sports division is seeing record sales year-after-year with a 40 percent increase in 2014 over the previous year. “Which means last year we sold 45,000 M and M Performance vehicles… »9/22/15 5:37pm9/22/15 5:37pm

One of the absolute strangest car segments on the market is the Uber SUV

One of the absolute strangest car segments on the market is the Uber SUV. Not that that’s the technical name for the segment, but that’s what we’ll call it. These massively powerful SUVs have enough power to tow a Nimitz Class aircraft carrier, enough cargo space to fit a baby elephant and a price tag similar to that… »8/24/15 5:03pm8/24/15 5:03pm

Rumor: Next BMW 4 Series Convertible: Soft top to replace the hardtop

The era of metal folding roofs at BMW might be coming to an end. According to a source close to our sister-magazine Bimmertoday, not only the jointly developed with Toyota BMW Z4 successor will use a soft top, but also the next generation G23 4 Series Convertible. The source says a decision has already been made. »8/10/15 3:01pm8/10/15 3:01pm

Most Expensive BMW Z8 Sells At Auction

There’s some exciting stuff going on lately, if you’re into classic cars. Pebble Beach is coming up, which usually hosts its share of eye-wateringly expensive classic cars and the RM Sotheby’s Motor City Sale in Detroit just passed. While Pebble Beach is the more exclusive place to be, Sotheby’s ain’t too shabby… »8/02/15 5:41pm8/02/15 5:41pm

Top 5 Things to NOT say to female enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts can be all kinds of folks, they can come from any country, be old or young, male or female, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matter is the love for cars. That’s the beauty of being a car enthusiast, you hang out with everybody and they’re all the same; people who love cars. However, there are… »7/14/15 3:04pm7/14/15 3:04pm

Thief crashes stolen Frozen Red BMW M3

A 37-year-old suspect is in custody after a BMW M3 was stolen from BMW of San Francisco. According to police, the suspect broke into the store early this morning and stole a Frozen Red BMW M3. The suspect apparently managed to break into the dealership and using the key fob found in the lock box drove away with the… »6/01/15 11:23pm6/01/15 11:23pm

2011 CPO BMW 750Li or a 2015 BMW 328i?

Depreciation can be a bitch. Pardon my French, but it’s true. When buying a new car, you must know that the moment you drive your shiny new wheels off the dealer lot, it loses an almost frightening amount of its value. But we already know this, cars are quite possibly the worst investment possible, especially high-end… »6/01/15 1:22pm6/01/15 1:22pm